The time mechanic is the Sun mechanic

The earth have 12 time zones, and all of them have connection whit the moon. When its 12.00 am in Norway is it 06.00 am in New York. The earth is the mechanic in the clock and the magnetism between the Sun and the earth view the clock in time. Why do we say the time stand still. It's not because that er have little to do,but because of the light and the dark. Thats why people need referanses to each other,because gray is a nautral contrast. And people need something who can give the dark some light. And thats the hunger for the hear,because people prefer better the warm darkness the cold light gray. Because we all wait for the warm sun that can give back the references to the view to the clock as a mechanic referanse,so people can sleep away the darkness. Because all creations need the referanse to the sun,so the time feeling go faster. Have you ever see a black watch whit gray numbers 

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smart article

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