What I like is Laab Moo.

What I like is Laab Moo.


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What I like is Laab Moo.

If talking about Laab, I can't help talking about Laab restaurants along the canal. Because it is a beloved Laab restaurant, working class of all levels Whoever wishes to have a heart in their heart There is a blood in the blood would not be missed. In all respects, the menu is Laab Pla. Order almost every table Who has to order? The coolness of it is that the fish is very firm. Full of good words to chew in chunks.

I understand that the northern food in each person's opinion will be different based on experience or basis. Some people, if talking about northern food May mean Khao Soi Some people miss the rice noodles Some people just hijacked the chili paste. Young men considered that day to get "Fin" and Northern food ....... But if you ask me what is Northern food I can only think of "Laab"!

Laab Nuea (a term used by foreigners is called) or Laab Mueang (this is also called Da Lat), is considered to be the best food in my house. We can think back to the olden days where there were still no restaurants scattered about. There are no convenience stores offering weekend nights. There is no ranch where raising animals for slaughter and butchering is an important purpose. Therefore, if one day someone asks to make a Laab That would be considered an important opportunity. Because it may be a traditional festival such as kin, lottery Or Poi Luang event May be a auspicious event, such as a ordained child, getting married in a new house, or it may be "taking a meal" in activities such as harvesting or building a house, etc.


The main reason why Laab is such a big deal Because the main ingredient of Laab is pork or beef, which is a long time to eat (In the past, large animals for a long time.) Usually, each day, people eat fish, eat vegetables, grass, and chili paste. Most days of a good life may be a chicken kill. But on the day that the Laab is made The Laab gangsters will gather since the sun doesn't rise. Go to buy Jap Lab Elaborate flaming and pounding chili sauce Some gather vegetables and Laab that are commonly found in the area of ​​the house. Normally, in front of cooking, we don't see the northern men doing much. Would be the duty of the housekeeper But for Laab .. It is the exception

Nowadays, we can easily find Laab Reviewed And it looks like Laab Will be one of the menus of almost every northern restaurant Because the method of making it looks not that difficult, that is to chop the meat thoroughly and then mix it with the chili sauce. Finished But in the simplicity of the cooking process, there are so many intricate details hidden in it. And that's why the Laab menu in Laab is considered a real Laab restaurant! It is different from Laab in most northern restaurants. Entirely. And here are the 5 Laab restaurants that I personally have the opinion that Is the best of Chiang Mai (which is 100% certain that the Laab that I mean is Laab "buffalo" which is "raw" only)


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