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Anxiety is affecting millions of people world wide, its also closely related to depression and unhealthy lifestyle, it is something so simple, yet so comprehensive to explain and understand, but how to cope with it?

Yes, I'm one of those millions affected by anxiety, in fact I was affected so heavely that I had to drop out of school, had to leave the town. I was able to only do okay when I was at home with my family, (yes I couldn't even stay alone) and I just couldn't let them step out of my sight. I was on a bed for 8 months until I gradually found a way to get out of this massive problem, I have 3 tips for someone who's having something simmiliar 

Here is how I escaped anxiety

1. Find yourself a hobby. 

Yeah, seems simple enough and everyone would tell you this, but this is something that I found very useful during my period of anxiety, my hobby was playing poker and chess online.

Why is this important? Well becouse you need to free your mind from everyday problems, do something you truly enjoy, be yourself.

2. Feel the nature, free yourself. 

Be free, don't feel threatened, go to a forest or somewhere else where there is no crowd and just scream your lungs out. Do things you never do, maybe start to run or walk Alot around your neighbourhood, don't just sit at home being depressed do something. 

3. You are not weak, take it as a sign not as a problem

You are not weak, take it as a sign, a sign for change, for something new. Think about it, how can your emotions control you? You are the leader, you are the one who controls you, don't let yourself down. 

Give yourself a challange, don't accept anxiety and just take it in, YOU ARE A HUMAN BEING, YOU ARE IN FULL CONTROL OF YOUR BODY AND EMOTIONS, AND YOU KNOW IT! 



Ali - Oct 15, 2019, 4:37 AM - Add Reply

Can I know how much you earned from this article?....I wrote an article on "the two day rule"

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Quadri - Nov 20, 2019, 10:25 PM - Add Reply

Happiness is free

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