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Melon and apple juice


An excellent juice rich in minerals, trace elements and vitamins that warmly recommend to boost your energy and very good for your intestinal transit.

Ingredients:1/4 melon, 2 apples

Method : If you have a juicer, then wash carefully the melon and apples. Remove the skin from the melone and cut into large cubes.

Press all.Add a little water in the juicer to get the most vitamins.

Gourmet advice: do not waste the fruit pulp which has still full vitamins and minerals, i advise you to recover quickly the pulp from the container(to prevent oxidation) and prevent a little dessert easy to make. You will need 2 puff pastry  a little brown sugar.

You can make a cake in 3 steps:

1. In a frying pan put a little butter with the pulp and 1 tablespoon of brown sugar. Let 2-3 minutes while mixing.

2. Spread 1 pastry in a pie pan and pierce it with a fork so it does not well.

3. Put the filling and cover with the other pastry by punching it too. Tape the edges and then spread with a brush beaten egg yolk.

         Break in the pre-heated oven for above thirty minutes.

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Nice article

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Nice write-up

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