I’m in my feelings today I’m writing you this with the intentions of sending it to you but when it’s done I’ll know. I never stopped loving you It’s crazy because I honestly believed that you would never leave me. I haven’t been with anyone, I haven’t even gave anyone my time, Fear of letting anyone close to me scares the shit out of me. I’m scared of this feeling I have now when my mom died something inside me hasn’t been the same it’s a lingering feeling of emptiness it follows me, even when I want to feel happy What I’m trying to say everyone I love leaves me. I know we haven’t been in a committed relationship for sometime now, and I question why I can’t completely let you go, And why I seem to always fall for the wrong people, Yes we have had conversations expressing to each other what happened between us and one thing I can tell you is I’ve always felt you could never be completely honest with me, if a person really has moved on the shouldn’t have a problem with begin honest, So what are you holding onto. 


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