Living a more green life

We did not inherit this land from our ancestors we are simply borrowing it from generation to come. Do you think If everyone started thinking about life this way we would all start taking better care of our planet?

Not only the planet but ourselves instead of constantly looking so negative towards everyone and everything around us we could all come together and see how much damage we are doing on the world and our next generation's of children coming up in this world?

Put everything aside turn the phone's off, computers, TVs, and actually take your children outside play with them like you yourself are being a child once again if only just for a day take yourselves out of your busy life styles and take the time to be human and civilized with

everyone around you greeting everyone with a smile projecting no negative energies and just be happy outside watching our next generation of children rise. Pay more attention to those little ones to one day running our countries taking care of them and their needs with going green in their own lives. Fill their needs for a moment rather be reading a story to, eating a picnic outside, playing dress up,

or if it's just chasing them around a pile of raked up leaves until jumping in! Try to take a day to personally fill your inner child roaring to get out for a little while and play and enjoy the day of being human with children we want raised in the best possible way we can offer.

Quadri - Nov 20, 2019, 10:26 PM - Add Reply

Thanks for all this article

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Ali - Dec 15, 2019, 7:01 PM - Add Reply

good article

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