Not Too Much

Did you ever ask yourself how good you are to other people, that you might end up being so stupid and naive to them?

Lemme tell you how hard is it to be so good. First of all, I'm not asking you to be rude or something, it's just that, you can't control people around you. You might think that you are good enough but then they are just trying to keep up with you, or just trying to deal with you. I don't understand why people always look at the 'wrong you' instead of looking at how good you are as a person. There are people that you think are the 'best companions' but it's just your own idea. When you are not around they are talking about how stupid you are based on private stories you share with them.

I am the kind of person who's really patronized by the saying 'trust no one, but yourself'. It is okay to share something with other people, but you need to limit every word that comes out of your mouth. I still remember my 'old good friends', suddenly they turned out rock after a misleading happened about two years ago. It was really hard trying to cope with what had happened but, I just realized only one thing, and ask myself how does it turn out like that? I mean, I was so good at them. I tried my best to be a good friend but actually, they just trying to use me and brought up different stories just to mess up my name. I was so ashamed, everywhere I go, I felt like there are eyes around me watching like I was very uneducated, foolish person.

I didn't know anything, I didn't remember things I did to mess up my reputation as a woman, but suddenly that gross story showed up and I was like 'what the hell did I do to put angriness to these people?'. Anyway, I always wanted to say this to everyone, learn to keep even unnecessary things to yourself, learn to not talk to other people even if they seem so close to you, learn to think ahead of the things you wanted to do, learn to differentiate noob people to smart people, learn to always defend yourself, learn to always stood up from different disasters and learn to speak out to everyone what you really are. It's good to keep everything and it's better to be true to yourself.


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