So What Makes A Baby Smile After Few Hours Of Delivery

Have you ever wondered why day old babies smile a few hours after being welcomed on earth? It's amazing to see how beautiful your baby's smile turns into a way of expressing hope, communication, and a sense of humour.

My best moment is when you see the first smile of your newborn baby while he is sleeping. Their smiles usually come with a little wink and a little fear. People ask: And what do these babies see and who makes them smile? According to clinical psychologists, babies experience physiological changes while they sleep, activate certain reflexes, and one of them is a smile.

During this process, they experience physical reactions and begin to smile about things they find pleasant, such as cuddling, sounds, and faces. I was very happy and at the same time surprised to see triplets smile at the same time 40 minutes after birth. It was at a hospital that I visited a few months ago. "Hey Girls, what do you see"? said the nurse. 

From one point of view, some spiritual believers also think that they may be playing with angels. This is another discussion that needs to be addressed in subsequent stories but as a matter of fact, their reactions to the sensors is more likely to be activated than social reaction. Don't think at this point that a smile is a sign that you are the best mother in the world. 

Baby smiles are usually based on reactions, but they don't prevent you from encouraging them by making sounds and expressions to make babies react. When your baby smiles to you, happy feelings are very pleasant. In this way, your baby has many opportunities to study your face while the two of you exchange face connections. Simulated expressions between you two comes to play. 

After two months, don't worry if you see your baby with bubbling and snorting sounds. The baby starts to expresses himself by playing with you with the hand and foot movements for emphasis. If your baby thinks something is funny, he also wants a response from you, so laugh.

Meanwhile, if you find that he doesn't smile at all after 12 weeks, there is a delay in development. Babies are a blessing for parents and society. A smile makes them prettier. So, if you find your baby not smiling at all in the first weeks, you should immediately visit a pediatrician to see if he is healthy. Remember that babies start with a small smile and end with a smile from ear to ear.

Anzar Umair - Oct 15, 2020, 9:01 PM - Add Reply

Thanks for this info .actually i always wonder why my baby smiles a lot while sleeping 🤧

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